IV. Art/works

“Ajay Kurian’s Petrichor” (a profile by Aaron Pedinotti, with photos by Elizabeth Pedinotti)

Compressed Intercessor I (a video by Andy Weir)

The Magic of Veiled Thoughts (a video by Sophie Gold)

Negativland (selected prints by Margaret Inga Wiatrowski)

The Natural History Primer (video by Redmond Bridgeman and Jo Law)

“On Willie Doherty” (an essay by Isabel Nolan, with photographs by Willie Doherty)

#bottlesNbones #7 (a video by Jamie Skye Bianco)

Unburdening a Load (a video by Jared Nielsen)

“Weak Novelty: Reconfiguring the Work of Florian Slotawa” (an essay by Robert Jackson, with photographs of Slotawa’s installations)

“The Art of Participation” (an essay by Erin Manning, Concordia University, Montreal)