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Margaret Inga Wiatrowski, detail from Initiate the Collapse  (2008)

Margaret Inga Wiatrowski, detail from Initiate the Collapse  (2008)

Eileen Joy
Michael O'Rourke
creative director
Dan Rudmann
advisory editors
Katherine Behar
Jane Bennett
Ian Bogost
Bill Brown
Levi Bryant
John Caputo
Patricia Clough
Jeffrey Jerome Cohen
Jon Cogburn
Joan Copjec
Elizabeth Grosz
Katherine Hayles
Robert Jackson
Timothy Morton
Daniel C. Remein
Steven Shaviro
Tom Sparrow
Cary Wolfe

 Located within a post-Kantian philosophical outlook, where everything in the world, from the smallest quarks to lynxes to humans to wheat fields to machines and beyond exist on an equal ontological footing, O-Zone: A Journal of Object-Oriented Studies invites new work that explores the weird realism, thingliness, and life-worlds of objects. Possible methodological approaches and critical modes might include: actor-networks, unit operations, alien phenomenology, agentic drift, onticology, guerrilla metaphysics, carnal phenomenology, ontography, agential realism, cosmopolitics, panpsychism, insect media, posthumanism, flat ontology, dark vitalism, prosthetics, territorial assemblage, vibrant materialism, dorsality, distributed intelligence, dark ecology, hyperobjects, realist magic, post-continuity, and other paradigms for object-oriented thought still coming into being and yet to be articulated.

The Journal will appear annually and be available online, free of charge, and also in affordable print-on-demand and e-reader editions, published in partnership with punctum books.

The strangest thing is that I am not at all inclined to call myself insane, I clearly see that I am not: all these changes concern objects. At least, that is what I’d like to be sure of.
— from the notebooks of Antoine Roquentin

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ISSN #: 2326-8344
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